Marty Stuart at Indian Ranch, September 24, 2011
Photo © Cindy Regan

Somebody say howdy… I haven’t a clue where this expression originated. I’m guessing it came from the mouth of a country & western performer, or maybe a non genre-specific performer, stepping onto a stage somewhere and imploring of the crowd in front of him: somebody say howdy!

I love this expression. 

Every time I’ve seen Marty Stuart perform he’s uttered these words. He opened his (now defunct) RFD-TV show, The Marty Stuart Show, with the phrase. Heck, maybe Marty originated the phrase? That wouldn’t surprise me. Marty is the Soul of Country Music– so say I. I’ll bet a lot of other in-the-know aficionados of the genre, whether they’ve said it or not, acknowledge it on some level—that Marty Stuart is the soul of country music. 

As sayings go, somebody say howdy certainly has an old-timey feel. You can practically hear it coming from the mouth of a guy in a jug band making his 1934 Opry debut. The expression is tinged with an old-timey patina. That image also fits with my thinking Marty just said it out of the blue and instantly created a tag for himself, having never heard it before that moment. Without fail the expression always puts a smile on my face. Thus when I hatched the idea for this blog, I thought first of the concept, and second of this exact moniker. 

The concept: Initially I envisioned strictly music-centric content. Specifically, I wanted to marry my love of music with my design skills. For example, I would use a live performance I’ve attended as the jumping off point. Then I’d create a poster for the show, scan the ticket stub (or create one if none exists), review the show as best I can, post a set list (if I have one), maybe add links to YouTube videos of the artist, and hopefully generate a conversation among interested parties. On further review of the concept, I question if a strict focus on music is sustainable long-term. So naturally, I thought the focus should be broadened. What if we include all things that come under the pop culture umbrella? That feels like it could be fun, particularly in the part where it will generate good conversations. So to the moniker, I’ll add a tagline: musical musings and pop-culture jive. 

The monikerSomebody Say Howdy. Let’s circle back to Marty Stuart. I love Marty Stuart, and this is my blog: it’s a marriage made in heaven.   

Let’s go.

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